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Quality vs. Quantity

I have a question. What is the thought process behind choosing a Nail Salon? I have had many experiences at "The Puppy Mill Nail Salons" and they are not good!

Six years ago I was certified by the State of Texas as a Nail Tech. Not because I wanted to be a Nail Tech forever, but so I would be able to manage and run a quality salon that has the best nail tech in our area.

Many of our clients complain of bad experiences they have had in the past from other nail salons. But why go back when there is a better option? Convenience? I have never had a convenient trip to a nail salon. Just saying! All the services should take an hour and a half. If they are faster, then you probably left bleeding.

My challenge to you as a consumer is to choose quality over quantity in this situation. Your time, money, and health are worth you taking the time to plan out your next nail visit. Most of our very talented techs can do acrylics, 3D acylics, nail art, dip, gel, pedicures, all-natural pedicures, diabetic pedicures and can get you in the same day. Give us a chance to make your next nail experience an amazing one!

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